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Hello world!

19 Oct

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I’m going to review books on this blog.  Below is one of them.

The Guns of August

      The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman
As always, Barbara W. Tuchman delves deeply into the historical subject matter.  This book is about the First World War, its causes, the conduct of it, and the results. I see that what I’ve just written in the preceding sentence doesn’t sound inviting; it comes off as dry and uninteresting.  But this book is anything but that.  It is actually exciting in its description of the progress of the war, and the various armies.  It is also fascinating to burrow into the causes and the intrigue involved.  It seems almost like a thriller.  Ms. Tuchman, Pulitzer Prize winner, as always, does exhaustive research before tackling a book, totally familiarizes herself with the facts and comments, give a deep analysis of the events, the how and why and when, and who, describes in vivid detail the events and their consequences, shows great insight about the facts, and, perhaps best of all, writes in a manner that makes history as exciting as an adventure story.  For me, it was a page-turner.  We delve into the personalities that brought about the war, and their manner of prosecuting it.  We learn, in addition to all the important matters relating to this war, interesting tidbits as well, such as the fact that an army on the march can be smelled for some distance, since there are so many men together, and since they haven’t had a chance to take a bath or change clothes for some time.  Fascinating reading.

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